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Achieved a 100x turnover increase

When Poppy Caterers, founded in 2000 by catering guru Simon Halmshaw, approached us, they faced a challenge. Despite Simon’s illustrious background as an ex-Army officer with 20 years of experience catering for dignitaries and even Her Majesty the Queen, their business relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals.

Recognizing the untapped potential of an effective online presence, we collaborated closely with Poppy Caterers to build a new website that would transform their business. Leveraging our strategic approach and innovative design, we created a visually captivating and user-friendly website that showcased their culinary offerings and service excellence.

The impact was immediate and profound.

With our new website in place, Poppy Caterers experienced a surge in online visibility, attracting customers from across Yorkshire, and beyond. What was once a local business now had regional reach, thanks to our strategic digital solution.

The website became a powerful tool for lead generation, converting visitors into loyal customers.

Within a few short years, Poppy Caterers’ annual turnover skyrocketed from 5 figures to an impressive seven figures, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

Our partnership with Poppy Caterers exemplifies the transformative power of effective website design. By harnessing the full potential of their online presence, Poppy Caterers has expanded their reach, served a broader clientele, and solidified their position as a leader in the catering industry.

From the exquisite taste of their dishes to the refinement of their service, the legacy of excellence established by Simon Halmshaw continues to thrive at Poppy Caterers.

We’re honoured to have played a role in their success story.

simon halmshaw
Simon Halmshaw, Poppy Caterers

Generated £400,000 in under an hour

At NetChimp, we take pride in transforming businesses and facilitating remarkable success stories for our clients. One such example is Scott Littlefair, the driving force behind Letters of Distinction.

With over two decades of experience in the Residential Lettings and Management sector, Scott’s dedication and expertise have set him apart in North Yorkshire’s competitive market.

When Scott approached NetChimp, he sought a professional website design that would elevate his business and attract national attention. Our collaborative efforts resulted in a visually stunning website that not only met but exceeded his expectations. The website’s professional design played a pivotal role in Letters of Distinction being acquired by the prestigious national business, Countrywide.

Moreover, our strategic approach to search engine optimization (SEO) catapulted Scott’s website to the top of Google, driving substantial traffic and generating numerous clients.

The website became a powerful lead generation tool, showcasing Scott’s expertise and attracting landlords and tenants alike.

In addition to these achievements, NetChimp demonstrated its ability to deliver rapid and impactful results.

When Scott needed to sell a set of four properties to landlords, our team sprang into action. We created a compelling marketing email and a matching page on the website. Within an hour of sending the email, all four properties were sold to investors, generating an astounding £400,000 in revenue.

Scott’s journey with Letters of Distinction is a testament to the transformative power of effective digital marketing and website design. His commitment to excellence and our collaborative efforts have yielded remarkable results, positioning Letters of Distinction as a leader in the industry.

scott littlefair
Scott Littlefair
letters of distinction logo

From 1 web enquiry per year up to 1 per week

In the competitive landscape of London’s business scene, one professional accountancy firm, Metric, led by James and Katrine Richardson, aimed to break through the clutter and redefine their digital presence.

Specializing in supporting the city’s innovative companies, Metric faced a significant challenge: transforming their meager one web inquiry per year into a more substantial, consistent stream of engagement.

The turning point for Metric’s digital journey came when they partnered with NetChimp, a web design and digital strategy powerhouse.

Understanding the unique needs of Metric and its clientele, NetChimp set out to create not just a website but a digital beacon for innovation and growth. This collaboration was more than a redesign; it was a strategic overhaul aimed at positioning Metric as the go-to accountancy firm for London’s innovative companies.

NetChimp’s expertise in creating engaging, user-friendly, and visually compelling websites played a crucial role in this transformation.

The results of NetChimp’s intervention were immediate and profound. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge web design and intuitive user experiences, Metric saw their web inquiries skyrocket from one per year to an impressive one per week.

This increase not only showcased NetChimp’s ability to understand and execute on the digital needs of their clients but also underscored the importance of a well-thought-out digital presence in today’s competitive market.

NetChimp’s work with Metric is a testament to their digital mastery and their commitment to helping clients achieve remarkable growth through strategic web design.

James Richardson
Metric Accountants

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We believe pricing should be transparent, without any hidden fees. That’s why our affordable packages start at as little as £150 a month—without any down payment or start-up costs. To get started today, contact us and we’ll help you select the best package for your needs.

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Do You Offer A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, you can request a full refund of your subscription for any reason within the first 30 days.

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Where other web design agencies may leave you hanging for many months before launch, we know the sooner your website is up, the faster you can make sales.

That’s why we try to get your website live in as little as 30 days (once your onboarding phase is complete). Larger packages and add-on services may extend the length of your project.

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Yes our websites are built on a WordPress foundation to give you the best optimisation possible. Then, as a part of every package, we implement all the appropriate search engine optimization (SEO) strategies you need for a great start. (This includes optimized heading tags, URL structures, title tagging, meta descriptions, etc.)

We will also optimize your images and create an XML sitemap to make your site more searchable. We will keep your site secure with an SSL certificate and make sure your site loads fast, since both factors can impact search rankings.

And yes, professional, keyword optimised content writing is an option -j ust ask!

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