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Is Your Website Underperforming?

It is a common scenario. You hire someone to build a website and kick back waiting for the customers to roll in. But nobody turns up… So you ask yourself “Why does no one visit my website?” or “Why does nobody buy from my website?” Well there are

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How Much Should a Website Cost?

In this article you will find out: Why ‘How much should a website costs?’ is a difficult question Where does the cost of building a website come from? How is your money spent? Prices to build different types of website How to decide if the cost you’ve been


Is Everything You Know About Web Design Wrong?

The Old Web Design Approach You guess what your website should be like For the first 15 years of the internet everyone, me included,  was designing website based on a system of ‘best guess’. This approach worked something like this. You would approach me and say “I want

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50 Incredible Tips For A Successful Website

I’m happy to announce that my email guide, 50 Incredible Tips For A Successful Website, is finished! And yes, this guide is totally free. I spent several months churning out the most comprehensive set of tips on creating website design tips for small business, just for you. Why?

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10 Tips On How To Find A Good Web Design Company

An  effective web site will attract customers to your business, generates sales leads and close sales – multiplying your profits along the way. Professional web site design firms must combine unique and innovative design with state-of the-art technology and support to make a powerful website package that produces

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